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Maximize Your Potential

It’s time
to take it to the NEXT level…


We usually see high-tech equipment reserved exclusively for the use of elite professional athletes or in sports science research. Now, this technology is within your reach. Working together using this technology we can maximize the benefits, improve your results and help you achieve your goals.


This Athletic Performance Lab will take your performance to the NEXT level.



My objective is to help all athletes from different sports and levels to reach their maximum potential. The first step is a full physical evaluation to detect any areas that could be limiting your optimal performance, followed by the design of a specific training plan to help you achieve your objectives.


During this screening, accuracy will be the main objective. For that, advanced software will be implemented with different types of equipment (force platform, linear encoder, dynamometer, among others) to process information acquired in real-time. This software offers graphs of variables, such as speed, acceleration, force, power and any physical imbalances, allowing the display and comparison of results to generate reports and a database dedicated to your performance


This can also be used during any recovery process for athletes and non-athletes.


Maximize Your 



As a tennis enthusiast, you understand the crucial role a powerful and precise serve plays in securing victories on the court. At VMPERFORMANCE we are thrilled to introduce our new service dedicated to helping you enhance your tennis serve through expert analysis.  


Service Highlights: 


1.     Video analysis: submit videos of your serves, and our analyst will utilize cutting-edge technology to dissect your form frame by frame. This visual feedback is invaluable for understanding and refining your technique using the 8-stage method designed by Mark Kovacs to facilitate the understanding of the analysis.


2.     Personalized feedback: receive detailed and personalized feedback outlining strengths and areas for improvement. We'll provide actionable insights to help you refine your serve and take your game to the next level. 


3.     Customized training plan: based on the analysis, we'll develop a tailored training plan to address specific aspects of your serve that need improvement. Our goal is to empower you with the tools and knowledge to make impactful enhancements. 


4.     Strategic consultation: schedule a one-on-one consultation for a thorough physical assessment to identify potential areas for improvement in your serve technique. This consultation aims to address specific challenges and establish achievable goals for ongoing performance enhancement. (Not included)



one on one

The first step is analyzing the data already collected to build a structured program adapted specifically for you.


The second step is overarching periodization to maximize performance at key times/events and providing support to understand the specific training guidelines (before-during-after training, nutritional advice, and recovery) to accomplish your goals.


The frequency of training sessions will be determined by your goals and needs.



Did you know that MOTION can be used as a pain modulator?


Studies have shown that we can modulate pain from a pre-existing injury through exercise. Choosing the right exercises and movements is important to help you advance in your recovery plan.


My experience in the area of rehabilitation makes it easier for me to help you overcome any restrictions through a program of exercises suitable for your situation or by using massage therapy techniques as a complement to the program.


Sports massage has been used for centuries in an attempt to prevent and cure injuries. Massage enhances muscle relaxation, reduces muscle tension and soreness, promotes the healing process and improves athletic performance.


The ultimate goal is to avoid being injured in the first place, preventing the need to stop training and to see a specialist. Prevention is better than cure. Recovery is as important as your journey on the court, field or gym.


  Recover  BETTER 

      and FASTER




Using software to collect precise data about isometric strength, speed and power to help to detect any flags or unbalance that could affect your optimal performance or slow down your rehab progression.

* Screening for tennis player.


Planning training of macrocycles, mesocycles and micro cycles for athletes. Planning training for travels and tournaments.


Discover the game-changing benefits of our Tennis serve analysis service. Utilizing cutting-edge video analysis techniques, receive recommendations and a customized training plan to refine your serve and elevate your overall performance on the court.


This training format combines the motivational advantages of a supportive partnership with the challenge of pushing one another toward a shared goal. Participants work together, fostering a dynamic environment that not only enhances individual performance but also cultivates mutual support and the accomplishment of common goals.


A customized program to enhance your physical and mental performance (depending on your goals). 1st Session physical assessment / 2nd Session program explanation and Q&A. 


Structured program based on the analysis of the assessment, adapted to your needs.


Nutritional and recovery advice.


Daily challenges to help you reach your maximum potential

IMG_8239 2_edited.jpg

Treatment with sports massage techniques,  analytic & global stretching and specific exercises to help you overcome the obstacle between you and your goals.


* Reimbursement of fees by insurance companies


Live video consultation, virtual assessment, and friendly software to train accessible whenever and wherever you want.

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